Wednesday, May 27, 2009

equal rights?

so i've been reading perez hilton for a couple hours now, just going through, laughing about things, catching up on others, and learning new ones. one thing that's a big to-do right now on there is the whole Propostion 8 thing in Cali. for those who arent aware of what it is, it's a ballot proposition that was passed back in november that pretty much bans gay marriage, but put it simply. look it up on wikipedia if you wanna know more. anyways, there's been alot of reaction from celebs about it. i was really suprised that so many support gay marriage, which actually kinda had me feeling pretty good about the way our world might be going. that maybe people are finally thinking with their heads, and not assuming things about stuff that they know nothing about. one person who i was actually was really suprised that supported gay marriage, for whatever reason that i was surprised, was kim kardashian. the was she explained how she feels about it was pretty touching, to me atleast, and if you know me at all, you know how not into celebs i am. even at this point, i'm still struggling to reason in my head whether they're doing it for the publicity, or actually feel this way about what they're fighting for. now, the only reason i'm posting a bulletin about this is i read on on perez something that never fails to piss me off. the president of the National Organization for Marriage, maggie gallagher, had the balls to say that, and i quote from perez, "Marriage is worth protecting because it is the way we teach the next generation: children need mothers and fathers. This victory for Prop 8 is a victory for children, for civil rights, and for the common good." now, first off, i thought that civil rights was something like EQUAL RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE. if i'm wrong, please, feel free to correct me. by passing this law, your not giving equal rights, now are you? and second, who are YOU, miz MAGGIE GALLAGHER, to tell other people that gay marriage is something of a bad influence on children? for the record, for those who know, and for those who don't, my mother is gay. she has a civil union to her partner of about 13, 14 years now, whom she loves to no end. cathy has been in my life, and my brothers, since i was 6, and he was 3. it never mattered to us that we had 2 mothers, just the fact that we had to loving parents, whether they be 2 moms, 2 dads, or one of each. she loves us like we came from her. the only difference is we didn't, but really, there's no difference in the end. she loves us the same as my mom, as my granparents, as anyone that loves someone unconditionally. and we've turned out to be pretty damn good young adults, if i have to say so myself. just because you dont have a mother and a father, doesnt mean you can't turn out to be a good person. take the family's that DO have both mother and father. some of those kids are pretty messed up. it's how the family raises that child to be for they're future years, not on what gender they were raised by. your serioulsy going to let a man and a woman, who in some cases, don't even really love eachother all that much, as much as they might think they do, to get married and raise a family, because they're opposites sex's; yet, you won't allow 2 people of the same sex, who love eachother for who they are together, as a team, and who they are to eachother, and as people, human beings in this world, to get married for love? didn't we have a talk like this come from martin luther king jr way back when for equal rights amoungst whites and african americans? IT'S BASICALLY THE SAME THING PEOPLE, JUST IN A DIFFERENT FORMAT!!! i thought we have grown up since then, but apparently not... i've grown up to see no colors, to see no genders. i was raised like that EVEN BEFORE my mom met cathy. BEFORE, when my mom was married to a man! love has no boundries, not between colors, not between genders. marriage is supposed to be the union under god of two people that love eachother. it shouldn't be gender-specific. i know, probably to the news and papparazi and general public, that gay couples are stereo typed horribly. alot of people only see the pride parades, the public affairs that look like they're jsut trying to get attention, but what most people don't see if what lies beneath the surface. the couples, like my parents, who keep to themselves, and live good lives, and don't shove who they are into other's faces. they go to church, they're kind to they're community, they take care of they're parents like any other couple would do. family gatherings, raising children, leading NORMAL LIVES. they're normal people. i think alot of people fail to see this.